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Pressrelease: VAGUS ECG app for Apple Watch

For immediate release, Cambridge 8th March 2021

Vagus ECG: A new use case for Apple Watch Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Vagus Health launches a ground breaking stress and health monitoring app

Based on seven years of research in Cambridge (UK) and Helsinki (Finland) Vagus Health Ltd, a bioelectronics company, has developed a novel way to measure breathing and state of the vagus nerve (the body’s most important nerve) with a smartwatch ECG

Vagus Health has launched VAGUS® ECG, a ground breaking ECG (Electrocardiogram) based health app for Apple Watch. The app brings to the market completely new technology to monitor stress and wellbeing. The new Vagus ECG app provides Apple Watch users with a better understanding of their health with a 30 second ECG test. The app uses advanced cloud-based data analytics and complex AI-driven analytics to summarise results and advice in an easy-to-understand way.

“When I experienced a burnout in 2010, I started to develop brain stimulation methods. We developed a stimulation device for reducing anxiety attacks and achieving a state of relaxation but realized that we also needed to develop better diagnostics to personalize the stimulation. This resulted in the Vagus ECG app.”, said Gustaf Kranck, the founder and CEO of Vagus Health.We make our own Vagus ECG Smartwatch, but my team and I were very pleased when Apple end of last year decided to open the interface and data for its ECG sensor. It enabled us to make the app so that our analysis now also can help millions of Apple Watch owners.

The core of the research of Vagus Health has been in understanding how the vagus nerve synchronizes the heart and breathing. By doing the Vagus ECG test with controlled breathing, the unique analysis calculates exactly how the person is breathing and how well the heart beats are correlated with each breath. This oxygenation process is determined by the vagus nerve. “First, we tried to calculate it with heart rate variability (HRV), but it was not precise enough. We then discovered a new way to calculate breathing from the ECG electrical signal itself. It changed everything. This data opened Pandora’s box in terms of better knowledge about the vagus nerve and the user’s health”, explains Gustaf Kranck.

Dave Asprey, ‘Father of biohacking’, Founder of Bulletproof and author of New York Times bestseller The Bulletproof Diet comments on the technology developed by Vagus Health: “This is one of the most cutting-edge ways I’ve ever seen to know how your nervous system is really doing – far more promise than even Heart Rate Variability, which was the gold standard.”

The Vagus ECG app is formally launched on Clubhouse tomorrow 9th of March during Gustaf Kranck’s weekly ‘VAGUS’ talks.


Vagus Health Ltd is a Cambridge (UK) based bioelectronics company founded in 2017. Its focus is to develop vagus nerve diagnostics- and stimulation technology to measure and treat stress-, anxiety- and immune system related health problems. The team is from Finland, Sweden and the UK. The founders Gustaf Kranck and Mattias Nordström have worked together since 2013. The name of the company comes from the vagus nerve, the longest and most important nerve bundle in the body. This nerve is the company’s focus for greater understanding of the person’s health and how to provide individualized treatments.

The Vagus ECG app is subscription based, charged quarterly:

US: 6.66 $/month (19.99$/3m), UK: 6.50£/month (19.49£/3m)

EU: 7.33 €/month (21.99€/3m), Japan: 700 ¥/month (2100¥/3m)

Introductory offer February-March 2021:  Free Trial during first week for all new users.

Demo video about the Vagus ECG app:


For more information, please contact Gustaf Kranck, founder and CEO: [email protected]

Tel +358 400 501 991

Please visit, or

The Vagus ECG app on app store: Vagus ECG App

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VAGUS®’ is registered trademark for Vagus Health Ltd.

*The Vagus ECG app for Apple Watch and the Vagus ECG Test analytics are not medical diagnostics tools. The analytics, advice and risk assessments presented by the Vagus ECG app should not be used as medical diagnostics. They should not be used to decide alternations or additions to medical treatments without consulting a medical doctor or certified professional.

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