Rewards and health data ownership with V-NFTs

We want to change the way that smartwatch data is owned and users are rewarded for improving their health.

The VAGUS® tokenization model enables ownership and monetization of health data. Our users and partners benefit because this model motivates users to test, improve health and receive tokens that enable them to get better health-related services and products.

We use NFT-technology to create data packets. These are ownership 'certificates' for users anonymized data.
For every 10 unique days of testing, we issue this data packet as a V-NFT to the users wallet.

Users can access these by going to the “Login” page or view them in the BREATHE FLOW app 'wallet'.

For each V-NFT, users will also receive VAGUS® reward tokens which are redeemable in the forthcoming Vagus shop for the following kinds of services and products:

- VAGUS subscription service
- Breathwork Coaching
- Health Coaching
- Meditation Coaching
- E-Health Services
- Personalized Nutrition
- Supplements

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