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You are just 3 breaths away from knowing more about your health

 “Revolutionary new breathwork app for individuals and coaches”

Seeing is believing. Download it now and try it for yourself!


It is the revolutionary 30-second smartwatch test from VAGUS.

It is the first test to measure your breathing and heart synchronisation. 

Our proprietary AI combined with GPT-3 then gives you personalised intelligent health advice. 

You are always in the driving seat; you test when you want to and you control your data.

For every 10 days of testing you will receive an NFT, which enables digital ownership of your data, plus a reward token.

Why not download the FREE app and try it for youself today?

Some of the benefits

How it works

It is as easy as 1-2-3:

Activate the BREATHE FLOW app on your Galaxy Watch (4 or 5) or the built-in ECG app on your Apple Watch:

1) Do a 30-second ECG recording while taking 3 deep breaths

2) See the visual results evaluating your breath/pulse synchronisation and answer a few contextual chatbot questions

3) Receive personalised, intelligent health advice from our Vagus AI, delivered through Chat GPT-3

Why the Vagus nerve?

The body needs homeostasis i.e. equilibrium and a key method by which it it regulates this is through your Vagus nerve.

The Vagus nerve oversees amongst other things your mood, immune function, digestion and heart rate. It literally “wanders” around your vital organs, carrying messages between them.

Vagal tone tells us how the Vagus nerve is functioning at any given moment. Increased Vagal tone has been linked to reduced inflammation and better outcomes for those with chronic illness, anxiety or depression.

Vagal tone is measured in the changes in heart rate that occur with the breath as it involves a slight increase in heart rate on the inhalation and a decrease of heart rate when you exhale. 

Historically Vagal tone was assessed by measuring heart rate variability, but that only gives part of the picture.  What the BREATHE FLOW test does is to uniquely analyse the synchronization of your heart rate and breathing to accurately assess Vagal tone.

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