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Launching soon: the Vagus ECG smartwatch.

Hand-to-Hand ECG is the best way to non-invasively collect big data about the status of the vagus nerve, heart stress, immunity and general health.  With our own developed vagal tone indexes we measure the activity of the autonomic nervous system to diagnose and help clients achieve better health. 

The Vagus nerve is the main nerve influencing the hearts relax reponses and the body's immune system. 

Information about the Vagus Nerve: 

Information about vagal tone: 

For clinical studes, we have been using our own 'ECG-ring' since 2013 and in the summer 2019 we will start selling our own developed ECG smartwatch.  

In the fall of 2019 we will launch a wellness ear-vagus stimulation device.  It helps users to reduce stress and improve sleep.   The vagus stimulation device is able to provide individualized stimulation by monitoring the vagus nerve reactions in real time with our ECG watch.

Our medical mission: Improving stress and neuroimmunity

 We are now in Cambridge, participating in a number of clinical trials.  The first, a ECG vagal tone study, was presented in April 2019 and during 2019-2020 we participate in Chronic Fatigue and Depression studies.  In these trials we are using our own hand-to-hand ECG, vagus stimulation and big data diagnostics.  

We are improving our analytics with AI and more data from a growing number of participants.

We are looking for team members who care

In the UK 40 million people have permanent or temporary sleep problems (62%, NHS) and 6 million suffer from neurological fatigue. We know how hard it is for these people, and our aim is to help relieve their symptoms. 

If you feel this could be a mission for you, don't hesitate to contact us. We are currently aiming to recruit engaged and knowledgeable team members. 

We also work closely with physicians, scientists and clinics in the UK, and are looking to extend these relationships.  

We believe in the principles of open data and crowdsourcing science.

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We are testing the new stimulation device and diagnostics

We are starting medical trials in at Cambridge University.  We are looking for patients with chronic fatigue (UK).

We are now accepting pre-orders for the Vagus ECG smartwatch.


Ideaspace: Laundress Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1SD, United Kingdom

Our laboratory work-spaces and official adress is on 75-76 Trumpington Street, CB2 1QY, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Vagus Health Ltd. Company number: 11101252 Incorporated 2017