Heart Stress Diagnostics and Non-Invasive Vagus Stimulation in Cambridge, Marseille and Helsinki

Heart Stress Diagnostics and Vagus Nerve Stimulation

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Our wellness mission: 1)Heart Stress diagnostics with our unique analytics of hand to hand ECG 2)Wellness Vagus Stimulation

Hand-to-Hand ECG gives big data about the status of heart stress.  Heart stress is reflecting the activity of the autonomic nervous system.  

 To relax we need to have an active Vagus (wandering) nerve.   The Vagus nerve is the main nerve influencing the hearts relax reponses and the body's immune system. 

We have since 2013 developed our own diagnostics analytics platform for this.   We make our own 'ECG-ring' for clinical research and we are beta-testing our stimulation device in clinical trials.  The stimulation can restore the balance in the autonomic nervous system, decrease harmful stress and improve the immune system.  

Our vagus stimulation is done with a non-medical wearable device.  It is a new type of non-invasive technology to help people with sleep disorders, anxiety and neurological fatigue. 

Our medical mission: Improving stress and neuroimmunity

 We are now in Cambridge, participating in at least 3 clinical trials.  The first is starting during 4th quarter 2018 for vagal tone diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue.

In these trials we are using our own hand-to-hand ECG big data diagnostics.  

We are improving our analytics with AI and more data from a growing number of participants.

Owners of Apple Watch 4:  Please request for information in below contact form on how and when you can benefit from our know-how.  We appreciate to hear what kind of stress or possible medical problems you would like to diagnose with the hand-to-hand ECG.

We are looking for team members who care

In the UK 40 million people have permanent or temporary sleep problems (62%, NHS) and 6 million suffer from neurological fatigue. We know how hard it is for these people, and our aim is to help relieve their symptoms. 

If you feel this could be a mission for you, don't hesitate to contact us. We are currently aiming to recruit engaged and knowledgeable team members. 

We also work closely with physicians, scientists and clinics in the UK, and are looking to extend these relationships.  

We believe in the principles of open data and crowdsourcing science.


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We are testing the new stimulation device and diagnostics

We are starting medical trials in december 2018 at Cambridge University.  We are looking for patients with chronic fatigue (UK) and Crohns disease (FRANCE).

We are testing hand-to-hand ECG and diagnosing vagus nerve health at Cambridge - please contact if you want to try.

Diagnosis on your vagus health:

Laundress Lane, Cambridge, Cambridge, CB2 1SD, United Kingdom

We are at Ideaspace, City Office.
Reserve abt 1 1/2 hour for one test.