Vagus ECG Watch Letter 1: Basics

Our watch and hand-to-hand ECG development

It fascinates me that companies like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Huawei, Verily and most other smartwatch-makers seem to miss ‘the point’ on why and how to use a hand-to-hand ECG.  Their visions and innovations are blinded by the traditional use of ECG and hence only strive for use-cases such as pulse and atrial fibrillation (Afib).  

I here wish to remind you that the fundamental technology which is used when doing a hand-to-hand ECG is in fact a hand-to-hand voltage meter – like if you use your home-voltage meter and measure electrical charge changes between the hands.  They occur for instance because of the electrical pulses from the heart or from muscle activity but even that is only scratching the surface with the data.   Our watch ECG ‘voltage-meter’ is fast and it detects very subtle and quick changes.    So, remember that a watch ECG it is the same kind of technology and measurement which is used when measuring brainwaves, muscle activity and many other non-medical but very essential human bio signals.   

The big companies have concentrated their efforts on one single medical application (Afib) which I personally find rather useless because I have a good heart.    In contrast our smartwatch has several health- and wellness applications.   In the next update we will even add fun applications for ECG measurement. These applications only need the user to either do a 30 seconds base test – or our unique 90 seconds Vagus Test (pat. pend).  With these tests we can do more kinds of applications ranging from ‘the world’s first watch with precision breathing measurement’ or a fun-application that can tell how well you and your friends electrical frequency patterns are synchronized.   Are your vibes well suited for each other?  

Example 1: The blue line shows each breath and red line its corresponding heart rate variation.

So, it is good news for us that current dinosaurs are blind – hence we are launching the Vagus ECG watch.  It is more versatile than any other ECG watch in the world.   It has multiple applications for the ECG and it naturally includes other standard smartwatch features like messages, notifications, activity (steps) and sleep tracking.   

I also want to remind that Vagus Health Ltd is one of the most experienced companies in this field and we have worked with hand-to-hand ECG for six years.  During this period, we have developed a number of scientific-, sports- and fun applications for the hand-to-hand ECG measurement and done more than ten thousand tests.

In addition to the general versatility of our watch, we make health diagnostics in a new unique way.   These scientific methods were developed by myself and our Vagus-team.  Several of these new methods were presented in our research paper at the BSE Cardiff conference in April 2019.  The most important is that we now can measure how well respirations is synchronized with breathing.  This enable us to better diagnose vagal tone – the state of the parasympathetic nervous system.

I showed how we developed and piloted a new way to determine what is called the ‘vagal tone’ – which in effect tells how well the most important nerve,  the Vagus Nerve, is working.    Since we can measure breathing and correlate breathing intervals with heart rate variability, we can calculate oxygenation in a new, easy and informative way.   This heart-breathing synchronization application has use cases for instance in sports and exercise.   The vagal tone application is currently used in clinical studies to determine immune function and anxiety levels.   The breathing measurement is used for reducing stress and improving breathing habits.

In conclusion, I am happy to announce that we are now launching our own smartwatch with our developed unique (pat. pend.) vagal tone -, breathing- and oxygenation applications. 

The shop is open at . We’d love you to join our ‘nerve-explorer’ team.

Gustaf Kranck

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