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Nicotine – a Vagus nerve stimulant – is found to relieve Coronavirus symptoms

To prevent hoarding, the French government yesterday ordered limitations on the purchasing of nicotine patches. According to a Pasteur Institute study, nicotine was found to help against Coronavirus.

This is not a ‘Trump science’.  It is research results by the most serious scientists in France and it has backing from other Coronavirus papers about the vagus nerve activation. Since nicotine receptors are vagus nerve acetylcholine activation receptors, this and other papers shows how Vagus nerve deactivation increase Coronavirus symptoms.  Since nicotine is a vagus stimulant, it helps to relieve Coronavirus symptoms.

The same vagus nerve activation and immune system theory is also the basis for the hypothesis in our Vagus ECG Watch Coronavirus study which is presented on

Read more about the nicotine study:

Here is a quote from the study:

The diminished vagus nerve activity previously described in these two illnesses could be potentiated by the Covid-19 elicited nicotinic receptor dysregulation, leading to a hyperinflammatory state often reported in obese patients [29].

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