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10 ways to measure your health with the VAGUS ECG test

VAGUS TEST intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVQc6ZVNfe0

  1. VAGUS ECG – continuous health monitoring three times per day

Monitor your health by doing the VAGUS ECG Test 3 times per day – morning, noon and evening.  In the morning (before drinking coffee), users normally do the test by the kitchen table before starting breakfast.   The noon test is best to do after lunch and the evening test is done before going to bed. 

2. Diaphragmatic breathing

Proper diaphragmatic breathing often requires practice.  Relax muscles in the neck and shoulders.   Follow the timer on the watch and breath in through the nose for five seconds.  Then exhale fully during next five seconds.   Start again until the 30 seconds ECG recording is finished.  Feel how the lungs fill with air and inflate like a balloon while the upper part of the belly and lower ribs move outward.   As you get better, the breathing value and most other vagal tones also should improve.

3. Cold Water – splash on the face or take a swim

Test before & after. Does it improve your autonomic control and attention?

4. Singing, Chanting, Gargling

Do the VAGUS ECG test before & after.   Does it help you? 

5. Music as Vagus medicine

Test relaxing or your favourite music.  Before & during & after. 

6. Massage 

Test how different types of massages help your vagal tone.

7. Fasting: Intermittent 16-24H

Track your fasting.  Remember to measure also the day before you do your intermittent fasting and then track several days later.  This way you will learn how it influences your general health.   Do at least morning & noon & evening tests.

8. Nutrition & Supplements 

Test when starting on a new supplement or changing your diet. Are you sensitive to certain foods? Test how the vagal tone reacts to  them? How does a new supplement affect your vagal tone?

9. Non-invasive vagus stimulation device

If you have a vagus stimulation device, then track before, during and after to optimize the timing and stimulation program

10. Meditation and yoga

Your VHI should increase from your meditation practice.  Or compare your levels before and after your favourite yoga practice.  Your VHI should increase for instance from Yin yoga.   If you do a more intense yoga practice like flow yoga or Ashtanga, then wait at least 5 minutes to do the test when your body has recovered from the physical part of yoga.  Remember to sit by a table in the same pose when doing the VAGUS test before & after.

© Gustaf Kranck

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