Clubhouse Activate Vagus

10 ways to activate the Vagus Nerve

From my Clubhouse presentation on 13th April:

  1. Controlled breathing with 5 sec inhale / 5 sec exhale as in the VAGUS ECG test Also different types of Longer breathing, for instance pranayama with holding breath
  2. Cold Water – splash on the face or take a swim
  3. Singing, Chanting, Gargling and Laughing
  4. Massage Carotid Sinus, Eybulbs, Foots, general relaxing massage
  5. Fasting: Intermittent 16-24H
  6. Nutrition and Supplements Healthy foods, Probiotics, Magnesium, Zinc, D-vitamin, Fiber, EPA & DHA
  7. PEMF tVNS devices, pulsing magnetic fields on neck
  8. TENS tVNS devices, electrical pulsing on neck and ear
  9. Meditation & Yoga
  10. Acupuncture

© Gustaf Kranck

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