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We are shipping – have a look at our intro video

I am happy to inform that we started shipping the Vagus ECG watches yesterday.  Most of them will arrive this week.   As many clients have urged us to do a quick delivery – we decided to pay extra for fastest courier shipping.  

Here is a link to our watch intro-video:–2X417e8

Vagus ECG Watch quick-start steps:

  1. Install the App from Android Play at Vagus Watch App  
  2. Register your account 
  3. Set the phone Bluetooth ‘on’.   
  4. You do not need to pair on the phone.    The connection is established by the App and the connection is initiated from the app-device screen.   
  5. On the app, go to ‘devices’, scan for new device, select ECCxxx and press ‘connect’.    When the connection is established, the app will show ‘connected’ and the watch will show a ‘chain–sign’ on the information screen.
  6. Start by doing a Vagus Test .  To record your ECG, rest your hand on a table. Then press ‘Vagus Test on the watch face. 
  7. Now place your right hand partly over the watch so that you still see most of the watch face.   Place your right hand’s thumb on the watch’s left side electrode metal surface.  Then follow the instructions shown on the watch.  Sit still while doing the full test.  Do not move your arms, head or upper body.  Do not talk.  Breath calmly.   When the controlled breathing phase starts – try to do the breathing as calm, long waves.  
  8. When the Vagus Test is finished, go to the app home page and swipe down to sync the data from the watch.   Wait until the numbers on the main screen change.   This means that data has been downloaded to your user account in the cloud and the analysis has been sent back to the phone.   
  9. Now you have your first data-sets.  When you do more tests, the data will accumulate and you get better graphical understanding of your health. 
  10. We recommend doing at least 3 Vagus Tests per day.  One in the morning, one midday and one before going to bed. 

For more questions, please visit our Q&A at

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  1. Jean-Marc

    Thank you for your great work and for the update. Should we expect a notification by email regarding the shipping ?

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