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Vagus research that turned into a product

After developing our first vagus stimulation prototype in 2015, we quickly realized that we need better data and a new type of ‘before and after’ measurement for our neurofeedback. 

There is broad consensus from scientists that the vagus nerve is our most important nerve for immunity and health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.  

We believe the right way to solve this is for the algorithms to be more versatile & thorough. You only need to do the 30 sec. test three times per day to get unique data on your health.  We calculate the precise correlation between breathing and pulse since it is critically important in establishing vagal tone. Within seconds our cloud intelligence will display the results on our iOS App.  

At-home diagnostics. For you and your doctor.

Understand the state of your vagal tone in real-time.

Unique testing capabilities & personalized analytics.

The Vagus ECG Test and our analytics is what makes us unique (pat. pend.)

But we also measure things like optical pulse, activity, sleep, heart rate variability – like other smart watches.   Our system also enables you to share your ECG recording with your doctor.  


We built it for ourselves.  We track our health by doing at least three Vagus ECG Tests per day – morning, noon and evening.  We think you will too.  

More facts and science found on our Science page. 

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